TW Steel Dmax 2015 Calendar Confirmed

TW Steel Dmax 2015 Calendar Confirmed

Daytona Motorsport are delighted to confirm that the TW Steel Dmax 2015 Championship calendar has been confirmed as a ten round championship, with races on the third Sunday on each month from February to November 2015.

The championship visits all of Daytona′s popular outdoor circuits, including the brand new Daytona Tamworth 1000 metre circuit. We also return to the most popular tracks from 2014 and visit Ellough Park for the first time.

The TW Steel Dmax Championship 2015

R1 15th Feb Daytona Milton Keynes
R2 15th Mar Daytona Sandown Park
R3 19th Apr Whilton Mill
R4 17th May Ellough Park
R5 21st Jun Daytona Milton Keynes
R6 19th Jul Rye House
R7 16th Aug Daytona Sandown Park
R8 20th Sep Clay Pigeon
R9 18th Oct Daytona Tamworth
R10 15th Nov Daytona Milton Keynes

As with 2014, the TW Steel Dmax Championship features separate Endurance and Heats Championships – with races for each of the three weight classes:

Light Min 70.0 kgs
Inter Min 85.0 kgs
Heavy Min 97.5 kgs

The championship will be decided by the best  eight scores from the ten rounds. For more information call Mark Wimblett on 033 033 27870