Tough Overtaking on Zulu Circuit

Tough Overtaking on Zulu Circuit

Competitors were eager to get out on-track around Whilton’s short Zulu layout, and the early laps of Endurance qualifying took place on a tricky damp surface before hot and sunny weather dried the circuit out. The times swiftly tumbled and there was action abound.
The Endurance races saw some old faces on the podium and some new ones, too. Chris Brown took the Lights win, whilst Adam Nakar made his debut appearance in the series and instantly made the podium in the Heavies.

In the Heats, there were no surprises in the Heavies with Chris Carter holding onto his championship lead, as Tom Golding did likewise in the Lights. Richard Lacey managed to keep Lee Hollywood from the Inters top spot this round, while Bobby Trundley found himself, unusually, down in fifth.

Daytona Motorsport would like to thank all the drivers and extends its congratulations to the following podium winners: 

Light Heats
1) Tom Golding
2) Cameron Noble
3) Paul Cox

Inters Heats
1) Richard Lacey
2) Lee Hollywood
3) Chris Alcock

Heavy Heats
1) Chris Carter
2) Jamie Pender
3) Tomasz Zaustowicz

Light Enduro
1) Chris Brown
2) Cameron Noble
3) Tom Golding

Inters Enduro
1) Oliver Peacock
2) Bobby Trundley
3) Luke Cousins

Heavy Enduro
1) Chris Carter
2) Jamie Pender
3) Adam Nakar


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