The Daytona DMAX race fleet are the most technologically advanced Arrive&Drive Racing Fleet in the UK

The Chassis

World Championship winning Italian kart manufacturer Birel has custom built the chassis to our specification using the very latest in racing technology. The chassis’ are designed to give the optimum race kart handling, together with the reliability needed to run these events.

Adjustable pedals, fully self-adjusting hydraulic brake, 40mm hollow axle, Bridgestone tyres and a Tillett racing seat are just a few of the high quality components used on this kart.


Ø Tubesmm. 35×2
Pitchmm. 1060
Front trackmm. 1060
Rear trackmm. 1380
Total widthmm. 1400
Total lengthmm. 2000
Ø Axle40x5x1080k
Axle bearings4 SB 208
Braking systemHydraulic Self adjusting
Rear brake disk180×8 Steel
Disk holder40x66x8 HQ
Tank capacity10 lt
Steering wheelmm. Ø 320
Rear hubs400×100 HQ
WheelsCH120 + DH180AL

The Engine

Legendary engine manufacturer Rotax has supplied their brand new 2015 MAX EVO engines to power these machines. The engine is a water cooled 125cc 2 stroke engine with electric starter and centrifugal clutch.

The latest in CNC machining and materials technology means the very best reliability and engine parity. Each engine is factory checked, measured and sealed to ensure a level playing field. Power output is around 22hp and will propel the karts to around 75 mph. The karts are a handful and it will take exceptional skill to put you on the top step of the podium.

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