As the Daytona DMAX Championship heads home to Daytona Milton Keynes for Round 10 of the 2017 Series, we look forward to finding out who the final two 2017 Champions will be!

With Heavy Heats and Endurance Championships already sealed by Tomek Zaustowicz, Light Heats won by Axel Slijepcevic and Bobby Trundley confirmed as Inter Enduro Champion, we will see the Light Enduro championship decided between the lead protagonists O’Shaughnessy and Kempynck and we will see if Hackworth can overhaul Trundley’s lead in the Inter Heats Championship.

Light Enduro – still up for grabs: O’Shaughnessy leads with Kempynck chasing. 7 points difference. Kemp has won 2 of last 3 races. 3rd place Dante Dhillon cannot catch P2 and cannot be caught by P4 Axel.

Light Heats – Axel Slijepcevic won the championship at R9. Zack Swannell (P3) needs to beat Max O’Shaughnessy (P2) by 30 points to take P2. Dante Dhillon (P4) needs to beat P3 Swannell by 16 points to take P3 and O’Shaughnessy by 46 points to take P2.

Inter Enduro – Bobby Trundley confirmed as 1st, Tor Ryan as 2nd.The battle for 3rd is between Hackworth, Curtis and Coppin.

Inter Heats – Hackworth needs to beat Trundley by 42 points to overhaul him and win the Champs. Trundley would score zero points if he picks up a black flag in the round. Jordan Taylor only needs to beat Alcock by 3 points (if he scores over 76 points) to take 3rd in the Championship. Jordan would need to beat Hackworth by 35 points to get up to 2nd.

Heavy Enduro – Zaustowicz and Pughe are confirmed 1st and 2nd.  The amazingly close battle for 3rd is between Nakar, Bennett and Pritchard. For the Super Heavy class, Paul Studd needs to beat Chris Munro by 11 points to win SH Class, Vinod would need to beat Munro by 23 and Studd by 12 to take the win

Heavy Heats – Zaustowicz and Bennett are confirmed 1st and 2nd. Munro (leading SH) is in a pretty good place for P3 overall. Witney needs to beat him by 16 points to take 3rd, Almou would need to beat him by 28 points but Almou cannot afford another black flag.

With bumper grids expected, make sure that you book your place on the grid for the final Daytona DMAX Championships round this Sunday!