The Daytona DMAX Championships returned to Buckmore Park this weekend for only the second time in the Champs history and, once again, the circuit hosted a sizzling day of action across all six championship classes.

Despite some of the younger drivers having to miss Round 5 due to important school exams, the DMAX grids saw 135 drivers enjoy warm dry conditions, with the Light Classes recording sub 45 second lap-times!

As usual, Qualifying across the three endurance classes saw the top 15 in all three weight classes lapping within one second of each other – and the endurance races were all classics in their own rights – with plenty of lead changes and lots of action and excitement throughout the field – but a lot less contact than seen at the previous round – according the Race Control Team! Richard Allen was victorious in the Heavy Class, Owen Jenman won the Inter Enduro and Max O’Shaugnessy took yet another win in the Lights.

The Heats started with lots of drivers breeching track limits and each weight class was warned in the Pits that continued Track Limits infringements would lead to penalties – luckily the drivers heeded the warnings and the afternoon saw equally close and exciting racing, culminating in wins for Richard Allen, Zach Swannell and Ed White.

Video highlights of the races will uploaded here over the coming week – but the champs standings have already been updated and show Jack O’Neill leading the Light Heats series by 50 points, Bobby Trundley leading the Inter Heats by 10 points and Rob Bennett leading the Heavy Heats by just 8 points. O’Shaughnessy has a 52 point lead in the Light Enduro Class, Trundley is just 7 points clear in Inter Enduro and Richard Allen is now 38 points clear in the Heavy Enduro class.

The next round is at Ellough Park on 14/15th July 2018.